Monday, January 7, 2013

Dogear Press Projects: 2012 Aars Family Christmas Card

This past December I had the absolute pleasure of designing the 2012 Aars family Christmas card.  You might remember Allison from this blog post featuring her beautiful photography.  And if you haven’t checked out her blog (You Have Your Blog, We Have Aars), I suggest you head over there right away - it’s an amazing source of inspiration and creativity.

Allison provided the photo of her adorable son Isaiah (don’t you just love the expression of wonder on his face?) and the text that you see on the card, and then gave me free rein to play around with the design.  The top image is the card that Allison and her husband Michael ultimately selected, and the bottom is another option I sent to them.  I like the clean and modern feel of the first design, but also liked the whimsical feel of the second.  Do you have a favorite?

And again, thank you to the Aars family for thinking of me to design your family Christmas card!

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  1. We absolutely loved our card! Thank you so much for designing it! And have you noticed it's making its way around Pinterest? Great job, my friend.