Monday, October 15, 2012

Friends Who Photograph: Allison's Eye for Color

I’m excited to start the week with the second installment of my “Friends Who Photograph” series.  Just a quick glance at the gorgeous photos in this post tells you that Allison (whom I met through my husband – they are childhood friends) has a beautiful photographic eye.  One of the reasons I am a fan of her photography is that it conveys such atmosphere.  I am struck by the mood created by each image, and it makes me dream a bit about what else was happening in the moment that Allison snapped each photo. You can experience more of her creativity (visual and written) via her lovely blog “You have your blog, we have Aars.”  By the way, that gorgeous Aars family portrait was taken by Allison’s sister; talent definitely runs in this family!

Dogear Press [DP]: When did you get into photography?

Allison [A]
: I took a class in high school, and was hooked. I went on to minor in Photography in college, and it's been a hobby ever since.

[DP]: What is your current camera?

: I use a Cannon EOS Rebel XSi, with a Tamron Di II (18-270mm) lens. I wanted a camera that could follow me on my travels, and also take great interior shots since interior design is also a hobby of mine. I also find that it's perfect for capturing shots of my little munchkin. ;)

[DP]: Something you want us to know about these images?

[A]: I love to travel. These are a few shots from our adventures in Israel, Greece, Turkey, Egypt and the Cayman Islands. I'm kind of a pain to travel with because I am always wandering off, searching for that one lonely and beautiful scene. (Ever been lost in Egypt? It's not fun.) Everyone around me poses with their cameras in front of famous landmarks, and I have to be reminded to snap a single shot of it. But random nooks and crannies? Back alleys and overlooked structures? By George, I've got those...

Thank you, Allison for these beautiful images!