Monday, July 2, 2012

Traveled: Deoksugung Palace + A Little Cheonggyecheon

Deoksugung Palace is another of five royal palaces that are still standing in Seoul; it is much smaller than Gyeongbokgung (which I posted about here).  This was my second visit to Deoksugung (the first was back in 2006), and I really enjoyed walking around the grounds and snapping images that caught my eye.  I’m also including one lonely image of Cheonggyecheon.  We headed over to the path along Cheonggyecheon stream after our Deoksugung visit, and were greeted by the bright colors and music of the 2012 Cheonggyecheon Festival.

(1) interior of building on Deoksugung Palace grounds, (2) visitors seeking respite from the hot day, (3) anticipating the changing of the guards ceremony, (4)Heungcheonsa Bell, (5 + 6) a beautiful tree - love that bark (7) court stones that designate positions of court officials, (8 + 9) colors & patterns on the palace grounds, (10) perspective, (11) festivities along Cheonggyecheon

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