Thursday, July 26, 2012

Traveled: Jeju Island Seogwipo Coast

These photos are from our whirlwind tour of Seogwipo, which stretches along the southern coast of Jeju Island.  Two big highlights were visits to two of Jeju Island’s major waterfalls: Jeongbang (the first waterfall image you see below) and Cheonjiyeon.  You can get close enough to Jeongbang to feel the spray of water on your face.  It’s essentially right on the ocean, and the outcropping rocks provide a stepping stone path to the base of the falls.  You can’t get quite as close to Cheonjiyeon, but the surrounding area is simply amazing for its incredibly lush flora.  There are also some trees with yellow-green leaves (you can see them in one of the photos), which are apparently unique to the area.  We ended the afternoon by walking across the Seogwipo harbor bridge.

(1) view as we head to Jeongbang Falls, (2) my dad on the rocks leading to Jeongbang, (3) Jeongbang Waterfall, (4) "dolhareubang" statues that are unique to Jeju Island, (4) beautiful leaves in the park surrounding Cheonjiyeon, (5) Cheonjiyeon Waterfall, (6) can't get over the density of the trees, (8) Seogwipo harbor bridge - I kind of love the brightly colored windbreakers in the picture, (9) Seogwipo harbor.

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