Thursday, August 16, 2012

Traveled: Busan, Seafood Edition

This was my first time to Busan, South Korea and I would love to go back to spend more time in this beautiful city.  You’ll see some pictures of Busan itself and the surrounding area in future posts, but given our amazing first lunch in the city (the first three images below), I just had to dedicate a post to the delicious and fascinating seafood that we experienced in Busan.

(1-3) Delicious, grilled seafood lunch.  The clams in the center of the first image and the amazing shrimp were some of my favorite items. (4-5) Outdoor seafood shops. (6-9) Inside Jagalchi Fish Market.  This place is huge.  The downstairs contains fresh fish/seafood stalls.  The upstairs has both "restaurants" (where you can dine on some incredibly fresh sashimi) and dried fish/squid stalls.  Some of the shrimp/prawns in the 7th image were quite literally the size of my forearm!

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