Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Friends Who Photograph: Adeeb Captures Jellyfish

A major reason I started this blog was as an outlet for my interest in photography.  Although I love sharing my iPhone and digital SLR images here, I also really love discovering other people’s photography.  There are a myriad of professional photographers whose work I could look at all day, but I’m also a huge fan of the eye and talent of some of my good friends who also enjoy photography as a hobby.  To that end, I’m excited to kick off a series I’m calling “Friends Who Photograph” to share some of my friends’ photography with you!  Adeeb and I are friends from graduate school, and as you can see from the spectacular images below he has some serious talent.

June 2012: Dogear Press iPhone (VSCO Cam) photography

Dogear Press [DP] When did you get into photography?

Adeeb [A] I've liked photography for a long time, but I think I really started getting into it after I bought my first decent camera (a Lumix FZ18 superzoom) in 2007 or 2008.

[DP] What is your current camera?

[A] My camera is a Lumix G1. It was the first of the mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras. I do a lot of my photography while traveling or hiking so I wanted something a little more compact than a standard DSLR. The G1 works nicely in that regard, but in retrospect I think it might have been wiser to get a regular Canon or Nikon because of the availability of a wider range of standard lenses.

[DP] Something you want us to know about these images?

[A] These pictures were taken at the Baltimore aquarium (which is a really great aquarium - the new Australian wing is really well done). Aside from the cool subject matter, one of the things I like about these pictures is that they really highlight the benefits of having a larger camera sensor and manual control over the camera settings. I had tried to take similar pictures of the jellyfish at the Baltimore aquarium with my point-and-shoot camera a few years before and they all turned out blurry. The G1 allowed me to lower the shutter speed and still let in enough light despite the dimly lit tank, which was a nice affirmation of my decision to upgrade my camera.

Thanks, Adeeb!  I'm happy to say he'll back to share more of his photography with us in the future.

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