Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Snaps: Fall Treats

Well, it’s officially fall in New York City.  We’ve had the first real sweater weather days, and I’m looking forward to digging out my cold weather clothes, cooking some of my favorite fall foods (pumpkin date bread is next...), and drinking plenty of hot beverages.  Below are some recent favorite fall moments.

(1) This chicken recipe is amazing.  Absolutely delicious, and although time consuming not difficult in terms of technique.  I can’t wait to make it again.

(2) This is one of my favorite desserts.  I first made this tart in 2010, and it immediately made it into my fall food repertoire.  The tart is normally served with a maple-cranberry compote.  On this occasion I couldn’t find any cranberries (too early in the season), so I substituted frozen blackberries, which worked quite nicely as well (although the cranberry compote is definitely better).

(3) Anthropologie mug, bodega dahlias, and Whole Foods gourds make for a lovely, mini fall vignette.

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