Monday, April 30, 2012

Artful: Grand Tour Posters by Chungkong

My husband is a bicycle fiend.  Given his love for the cycling world, I’ve become much more attuned to anything bicycle related (whether it’s spotting new bike stores, coming across interesting cycling related articles, bike related clothing etc.).  When I discovered these absolutely amazing posters of the three Grand Tours designed by Vincent Vermeij aka Chungkong, I thought it was a perfect marriage of my love of graphic design (which my husband shares) and my husband’s love of bicycles.

I love the minimalist nature of the designs, and I think it’s so clever that the background color of each poster is the color of the leader’s jersey in the respective races.  These are stunning, and I would love to own them all (you can purchase them here).

I’ll wrap up this post with a few pictures of our bicycles.  I keep thinking about printing these photos to create our own, personal bike art.

Images: Joy Moody Photography (L), my photography(R)


  1. Those posters are so awesome! I went to his site and saw some others that he has done that are cool. Debating getting some...

  2. Hello, this image is a direct ripoff of my original:

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