Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring on Roosevelt Island

These photos are the Roosevelt Island counterparts to the Manhattan pictures I posted on Monday. Last year, we had just moved to Roosevelt Island in mid-March, and between adjusting to a new home and a new job, I feel as though I didn’t notice spring on the Island at all.  I'm happy to have taken more notice of it this time around.

The set of photos below happened to be a lovely accident. I was trying to capture the small bundle of flowers at the end of the branch, but the very windy day had other ideas. I have to say that I love the blurred images; they take me back to the exact moment I was trying (unsuccessfully) to work with the wind.

Just a shift in the branch positions here (also due to the wind), but there's something about the subtle changes in the shapes formed by the branch in the foreground and tree in the background that I really like, so I decided to post both images.

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