Saturday, April 7, 2012

Microsoft Word is not a Blogger's Friend

My father-in-law brought to my attention that he noticed problems with the formatting of Dogear Press posts in Google Reader.  Although the posts would look normal if you were reading them directly from the blog, in Reader (and other RSS feeds, and also for e-mail subscribers) there would frequently be spaces missing between words so that random bits of text would be displayed "withnospace" rather than "with no space."

Thanks to some troubleshooting with my husband, we figured out the issue, which appears to be some incompatibility with Microsoft Word and the Blogger template.  I think I've fixed the problem, so hopefully those of you who use Google Reader or receive the posts by e-mail will no longer have to deal with this issue.  And if you notice any other issues with the blog, please let me know!  I appreciate the heads up.


  1. Also - sorry to those of you who received a few of the test blog posts while we were trying to figure this issue out.

  2. While it's not possible to delete the test posts from GReader (and some other feed aggregators, it is possible to update them - in this case to be blank.!category-topic/reader/i83C6LegqnI (last post)

    It's not random at all where the spaces are apparently missing, it's always
    at the end of a line in the HTML source - space has not been pressed
    before pressing enter (to change line).

    1. Hello,

      Thank you for taking the time to respond to my post. In my case, the problem stemmed from writing my post in Word, and then copying and pasting the text from the Word document directly into the Blogger compose post template (not into HTML). For some reason, when I do this, the pasted text would have random breaks, and the words at the end and beginning of two separate lines would run together (as you mentioned).

      I do not have this problem if I type the text directly into the Blogger compose post template. I have also been able to circumvent the problem by using the following the steps: (1) Type post in Word, (2) copy Word into a Text Editor program, and (3) go from Text Edit to Blogger template. When I follow this procedure, I no longer have the random line breaks and run-on problems in Google Reader.


    2. The page where you compose new posts has a "remove formatting" tool on the upper right side. I often find it helpful to remove unwanted formatting that comes with cutting and pasting. It might solve your problem when you bring text across from Word.

  3. I was going to write and tell you the same thing! So glad you got it fixed! I am loving every post :)