Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Furry (or in our household, “Flurby”) Friends

When we lived in Philadelphia, we were just down the street from an outpost of the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society, or PAWS  (As an aside, PAWS is an amazing organization, and if you’re in Philly and considering getting a pet, I highly recommend checking them out!).  I could never make the walk from the subway stop to our place without stopping to window shop at PAWS, and one fateful day we actually went in to visit with some of the many cats waiting to be adopted into a loving home.   

Believe it or not, at first we weren’t thinking about the two adorable furries that are in the pictures here.  Instead, a perfectly charming orange tabby by the name of Reggie enchanted us.  The impulsive part of me wanted to adopt him on the spot, but Stephen suggested that we give it 24 hours.  I was skeptical (Reggie was so friendly that I was sure he’d be snapped up soon), but agreed to wait.  The next day, we were back at PAWS, and Reggie had indeed been adopted, but I couldn’t be too sad about it, because it was on this second visit that we found our Riley and Ella.  Ella (the one with the dark grey patch across her face) was a little skittish back then, and wouldn’t sleep unless she was right next to Riley, and the staff at PAWS was hoping that the two would be adopted together.  The rest, as they say, is history.  So there you have it, we decided to be “responsible” and seriously consider whether we could be good owners to one cat, and then ended up adopting two instead.

Ella and Riley have been an endless source of amusement for us, and in many ways it’s difficult to remember life without them (although we do long for the days when cat hair was not a permanent part of our existence).  Both Stephen and I have taken a ridiculous number of photos of the “furry besties” (our iPhone photo libraries are quite telling), and the images here are some favorites taken with my digital SLR.

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